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The Higher the Heel the Closer to God…. The Platform Shoe a Fashion Favorite Through the Ages


1970s Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are a favorite trend of mine that are extra hot this summer with designers stacking them high and thick.  Where did this trend come from? Though the 1970’s skyscraper platforms may have caused people to shake uncontrollably to disco, I want to take you to the root of the trend,  the cultures, and the times behind the platform shoe. The platform first walked into fashion in Ancient Greek theater to show the level of importance of its characters.  It served a similar purpose among the courtesans and high-born prostitutes in sixteenth century Venice.  A different use for the Platform was adopted by early eighteenth century Europeans were the platform kept their owner high and dry on dirty roads and streets.  This form of wear was originally taken from the Geta of Japan.

                                                        1940s Ferragamo Platform

It was not until the 1930s when this fashion marvel would begin to make its comeback with a subtler platform in a peep toe or closed toe look. The 1940s brought us designer Salvatore Ferragamo and his elaborate platform creations, although most consumers stuck to a subdued version similar to the 30’s stlye. The Subtle Platform continued trending all the way to the 1950s, but the 1960s brought in a new and more eccentric shoe.  This trend was first adopted by Europe and eventually caught on state side were it enjoyed great popularity during the 60s, 70s, and even some of the 1980s.  At the height of its popularity Disco and Glam Rockers adopted the trend taking it to new outrageous heights. The platfrom, now mainstream was unstoppable and accepted by tweens, disco queens, even men.  The 1990s shed some light on the style with designers and musicians like the Spice Girls leading the way.



 What goes up must come down or so they say but this trend rolls with the punches showing up in history time and time again.  The platform Shoe is here in 2012 with designers like Alexander Mcqueen, Vivienne Westwood, and my personal and more affordable  fave Jeffrey Campbell, creating killer skyscrapping looks.  If drama is what you crave this summer look no further and put on some eye-catching Platforms!

Kats Tips To Looking Hip

  • Platforms with skits and shorts  give a great what i call ballerina leg even if you’re not the tallest person
  • Keep it minimalistic. Avoid looking like a member from kiss for summer,try bright Plats to give your outfit a makeover from the ground up.
  • Rock your Platforms during the day  with some great shorts and tank or button down to get that effortless “I always look like this ” look.

High Waisted Shorts is a must for Spring. Jean, cotton, leather, or lace there are so many styles out there! But when did women go from covering-up to showing-off? Lets take a look:

High Waisted Shorts is a must for Spring. Jean, cotton, leather, or lace there are so many styles out there! But when did women go from covering-up to showing-off? Lets take a look:
 Shorts were first introduced for men in the 1890’s -if for nothing else- but for comfort. It was about time that a cooler alternative was offered to the gentleman who were always stuck in sweltering pants! Women trends followed the influences of WWI — i.e. women began finding themselves joining the workforce. Levi reacted to the changing dynamic with a high waisted jean short. It was designed to handle the curves of a woman yet remained within society’s conservative norms. But if it were not for noted fashion designer Mary Quant —would the look have lasted all the way through the 60’s into the early 70’s? Thanks Mary!

The 1980’s showed some love for the trend with pop icons like Madonna. But it was not until recently that the high waisted short has come back in full force! With the blossoming of Spring, the Runways are flooded with high waisted looks from Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. Take center stage this spring and grab a new pair! Don’t limit yourself for just daytime activities either. Why not dress up them up for evening? History repeats it self, but you don’t have to. Here are a few tips on getting that perfect ready-to-wear look for day or night with your new high waisted shorts:
Chanel Spring 2012                                 D&G Spring 2012
Kat’s Tips for looking hip:
  • Want flattering curves? Tuck in your top and belt the waist. Show off your great hourglass figure!
  • Crop tops are another fabulous silhouette to consider. There are tons of great styles featured this spring. And don’t be scared to try anything with a fringe!
  • Take your look into the evening with heels. This elongates and tones the booty– for a look that pops!
  • Less is more! Don’t over-do-it with new trends. Keep it simple. Let the look speak for its self.